At Unique Maintenance, we provide elite cleaning and restoration services for both residential and commercial properties. Our customers appreciate that they can rely on our well-trained, professional and dedicated team.




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Our History

In 1984, Henry and Winston Bartley, two brothers from Saint Andrew, Jamaica, started a small two man cleaning company in Santa Barbara, California. With very little equipment and no commercial trucks, they hauled their cleaning tools to their one and only client in a small sedan. The early years proved to be difficult but taught the two brothers the value of hard work and perseverance. Over a short period of time, Henry and Winston developed a strong reputation for their commitment to their clients and the level of care that went into their work. With integrity, honesty and a genuine helpful disposition, the two brothers expanded their company over the next 33 years. Currently, Unique Maintenance has over 30 employees and provides a list of specialty cleaning services to commercial and residential properties throughout Central and Southern California.